When Amy adopted her terrier mix, Frankie, she knew it would mark a new chapter in her life. What she didn't know is that it would be the start of a whole new book. 

Amy has an undergraduate degree from Duke University and Master's degree in nursing from the University of California, San Francisco. As a nurse practitioner Amy has been caring for patients for over a decade, as well as assisting HIV researchers launching clinical trials, but life took a turn when inspiration struck on one of her frequent walks with Frankie. 

Tired of juggling her cell phone and other essentials every time she took Frankie for a walk, Amy recognized the need for an all-in-one bag to do for dog owners what the diaper bag has done for parents. A few months later Trail Mutt was born.

Although Amy is now putting her project management skills to use running Trail Mutt, she still finds the time to work at a rape treatment center and local community clinic. Through Trail Mutt Amy also serves her community by sourcing and manufacturing locally to create jobs and minimize the impact on the environment. Trail Mutt strives for a triple bottom line (i.e., people/animals, planet, profit).


FRANKIE, Official Trail Mutt

Frankie puts the mutt in Trail Mutt. Born on the streets of Los Angeles, Frankie hit the trails early. Adopted by Amy when she was just a few months old, Frankie quickly made herself comfortable in her new forever home, but she has never forgotten her roots. Frankie insisted that Trail Mutt donate 10% of all yearly profits to a canine-related charity, before she agreed to become the face of Trail Mutt.



Dash is always out working the crowds and getting to know other Trail Mutts. He wants all our customers to feel like part of one big happy Trail Mutt family. Typically he can be found hitting the pavement in Naples, FL or conducting business on the golf course in Lake Geneva, WI.